Please review the information in the TUTORS section of this site. It contains job descriptions for tutors, application forms and information about upcoming training sessions.

You can complete the application and send it to us online. It will be reviewed and an interview with one of our Literacy Coordinators will be scheduled. Prospective tutors are required to complete a tutor training workshop as well as follow-up sessions.

You can also call (505) 428-1353 for more information.

ESL Tutoring: ESL tutoring helps students from all over the world learn to speak, read and write in English. ESL students range from those who cannot read or write in any language due to lack of schooling, to those with advanced degrees in their home countries. We have students from nearly every continent, but the majority of our ESL students are Spanish-speakers. ESL students are usually served in similarly-leveled groups of 2-10 students.

BL Tutoring: Basic Literacy tutoring helps students who are proficient English speakers, but who are reading at or below the 6th grade level. BL tutoring usually takes place in a one-to-one setting.

No. It is not necessary to speak a second language to teach someone English. You will learn techniques and tricks of the trade in your training. If you speak a second language it can be helpful depending upon how it is used. The primary goal is to teach English using English and other creative techniques.

We ask new tutors to commit to tutoring for at least 9 months and to tutor for at least three hours per week in addition to preparation and travel time. We realize that volunteer tutors have other obligations and interests and need to take leaves of absences from time to time. Many of our tutors end up tutoring year after year!

All students are asked to make a commitment of 6 months to one year in order to achieve their personal goals. If a student cannot attend a tutoring session or will arrive late, the student must call the tutor. Three unexcused absences may result in being dismissed by a tutor.

Tutoring takes place in a variety of public places all over the Santa Fe area: in public libraries, schools, churches, community centers, coffee shops and at the Santa Fe Community College where we are headquartered. The key criteria in choosing a tutoring location are convenience, comfort and safety. We also tutor employees in a variety of workplaces throughout the community.

No, LVSF will provide you with books and materials that are based on your students’ levels. We have a lending library in our office and tutors are welcome to peruse and borrow any of those materials as well.

Sometimes tutors and students continue together year after year and sometimes they make a short term commitment to one another. Students are asked to spend a minimum of 6 months with LVSF. The length of the mutual commitment depends on the students’ goals and how long it takes them to complete those goals.

If a student or a tutor do not feel comfortable together, they can ask for a change. This is no problem, but it may mean you will be placed on a waiting list before you receive another tutor or student.

We need to receive your tutoring hours at the end of each month. Our funding depends on this! We also need you to complete goals worksheets with your students when you first begin tutoring them and before June 30 of each year. Lastly, we depend on your support in helping to test students.

If you are a tutor and you are going to miss a class or series of classes, we request that you inform us so that we can try to find a substitute tutor However, you and your students may also agree to take a break if that works best. If you are a student, you should notify your tutor in advance if you will be going on vacation or leaving town.

Teaching follows a curriculum and has a course goal. Tutoring is a collaborative, student-centered process where students pursue their individual goals. Tutors create their own lesson plans to fit the student’s needs.