Hilario’s Story

Hilario Gómez is from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He came to the United States in 1992 to succeed and accomplish his goals, but there was one obstacle. He did not speak a word of English. It was difficult to do anything, even to go to the store for a coke. As an accountant in Mexico, he was used to being confident in everything he did. Now he had to start at the beginning. He thought about it and he decided to take an English class. He started at the lowest level of English as a Second Language in Adult Basic Education at Santa Fe Community College. Within three years he moved up all the way into developmental English classes at SFCC! He even took a college level Italian class to improve his skills at the Italian restaurant where he was a chef and is now the manager. In 2011 Hilario came to Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe to work on one more important goal: becoming a United States citizen. With the help of a lawyer, he paid his back taxes, got a green card, and became a permanent resident. He has studied with a volunteer tutor for the exam and is waiting for the right time to send in his application. Hilario is a great planner and has worked carefully and diligently on many goals. We are confident that he will not only pass the U.S. Citizenship exam, but he will also further his higher education and tie his various skills together to complete his American Dream. Hilario Gomez is a great example for other students of all that is possible through improved literacy!