Jesús’ Story

Jesús, a basic literacy student at Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe has been working with his literacy volunteer, Shelley Cohen, for the past two years and is now able to read to his 8 year old daughter for the first time. Here is what he says about his tutoring experience: “One day, I was picking up my daughter from school and I saw a sign on the window about a Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe meeting. I went to the meeting and pretty soon I was hooked up with a tutor. That was approximately a year and a half ago. I have learned so much from my tutor and being dedicated to study and learn, I encourage anybody out there that needs help or that can offer help to go to Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe. Now that I am more confident with my reading, my family and I like to read together. Sometimes I read to my daughter, other times she likes to read to me. Also, now that I can read better I love helping her with her homework. Sometimes she is stuck on a math problem that requires reading and once I read it to her she understands the problem and can find the answer. Not too long ago I couldn’t read out loud or write much in front of other persons or in a big crowd, but now I have more confidence and feel better about it. Recently, I sold a car to someone I did not know. When it was time to do the paperwork he asked me to help him because he did not know how to read or write, so I did. It made me think that just a year and a half back I was that guy.” Click here to listen to Jesús’ story.