Our Programs

Literacy Volunteers offers the following instructional programs:

Basic Literacy: Tutors help adults who have limited or no literacy and/or numeracy skills. Many students would like to read better or advance their basic math skills in order to get a job, help their children with their schoolwork, or improve their literacy for health. These students also have the opportunity to learn basic computer literacy skills in our open computer lab, which includes a series of reading, typing and job readiness skills.

English as a Second Language: Tutors help the immigrant population to improve their English skills; as a result, students are able to improve their families’ quality of life by improving workforce skills and participating in the community.

  • Workplace Tutoring Groups: Tutors go to hotels, restaurants, and other workplaces to teach small groups of employees English as a Second Language. Employers provide time off for employees to be tutored (typically three hours per week) and often pay them for this time.
  • Community Tutoring Groups: English as a Second Language tutors meet with small groups of students in the community. Current sites include Santa Fe Community College, public libraries, churches, health clinics, schools, and community centers.

Citizenship: The primary goal of the LVSF Citizenship Program is to help immigrants in Santa Fe become active members of our community by becoming U.S. citizens. Tutors help prepare students for the citizenship exam which consists of both an oral and written component.