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Our tutoring programs focus on basic reading and writing skills, job skill building, empowering parents to help their children, and immigrants prepare for citizenship.



Helping immigrants become active members of our community by becoming U.S. citizens. Tutors help prepare students for the exam which consists of both an oral and written component.


Your knowledge of basic literacy, our training, and a devotion to 2-3 hours weekly for 9-12 months are all that are required to get started as a tutor.

“Before I volunteered, I arrived in Santa Fe newly retired and wanting to stay engaged in some meaningful way. LVSF offered the kind of place where I could use my years of experience and education to help people fulfill their dreams. For most of those 8 years I tutored both in the Basic Literacy program and in the ESL citizenship component. What I learned, what I received from the students, has always been far more valuable to me than just tutoring. The ability to meet new people, share life stories, and learn about different cultures in my mind all are part and parcel of the American experience. Being part of the LVSF family is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

Gary Dellapa

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Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe is dedicated to providing free, quality tutoring to adults in reading, writing, and speaking English to strengthen our community, families, and workforce. Our student-centered tutoring programs focus on improving basic reading and writing skills, building job skills, empowering parents to help their children succeed in school, and helping immigrants prepare for citizenship.


Family Literacy Month

Family Literacy Month

We want to thank all of our volunteers and supporters for what you give in the name of adult literacy. Literacy "is the ability to use printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one's goals, and to develop one's knowledge and potential” (NCES,...

Tutor and Student Recognition Picnic

Tutor and Student Recognition Picnic

LVSF hosted its first in-person Student/tutor Recognition Picnic in more than 3 years! Staff and the board met with students, tutors, and their families to gather and celebrate the many successes of LVSF in the past year. We also gave out the Literacy Advocate of the...

Volunteer Opportunities Santa Fe

Volunteer Opportunities Santa Fe

Purpose Driven Questions Why literacy? What do you enjoy about being on the board? What is your favorite book or author? If you could share one other thing with the literacy community, what would it be? If you're interested in joining the board, please get in touch...