It’s back! Adult Education and Literacy Day at the Roundhouse is on Tuesday, February 13th.

Please write or call your legislators to encourage them to support adult education and literacy in this year’s budget (here is a letter you can adapt from New Mexico Adult Education Association (NMAEA).

Calls and emails to the House and Senate Finance Committees in particular are needed. Click here for a list of names and contact information.

There is a difference between what NMAEA is asking for Adult Education and what the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) is proposing. From NMAEA:

The LFC recommendation:

  • $2M in TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) block grants for adult education (same as last year)
  • $1M in TANF block grants for IET programs (same as last year)
  • $6,828,000 in general fund appropriations for adult education (an increase of $128,000, or 1.9%, which would be for testing vouchers)
  • $750,000 in general fund appropriations for adult literacy programs (same as last year)

NMAEA is asking for the same in TANF funds and the following changes:

  • $6,901,000 for adult education (an increase of 3%)
  • $250,000 for testing vouchers separate from the 3% increase
  • $1M for adult literacy
Happy New Year

Find more information about advocating for adult education in our state here.

More funding = more staffing, program development, trainings, professional development, marketing, and materials to support more students around the state.

Annual Appeal Progress:

We have raised over 18,000 dollars so far for our programs from individual donors like you! We are so grateful for your generosity and care that helps us continue to support adults in our community.

Thank You!