Tiny Art, Big Difference is an auction and sale of original small 8”x 8” artworks presented by Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe (LVSF) and sponsored by First National 1870 Bank.

“The art auction contains a wide range of art, mediums, and mastery. Artists have used ink, oils, watercolours, clay, metal, and even fibbers in their donations to literacy. We feel almost everyone will be able to appreciate and afford a work of art!” — Letty Naranjo, Executive Director, LVSF

RECEPTION: First National 1870 Bank on the Plaza is hosting a reception Friday, June 9th from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM to kick off the event.

OPENING: The public is invited to view the artwork online or at First National 1870 on the Plaza from June 9th to June 23.

Who Does this Help?
Literacy affects every facet of adult life, including work, family, and health. Most jobs today require literacy skills at a level 4/ 6 or more (about a 7th grade level). However, according to the 2017 survey from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), 60% of New Mexicans are at level 2 or below.

Mission: LVSF’s mission is to provide free tutoring to adults in reading, writing, and speaking English to strengthen our community, families, and the workforce. LVSF has been supporting literacy in our community since 1985. Since then, volunteer tutors have spent over 518,233 hours tutoring adults and supporting them to reach their goals and improve their lives.

Please bid generously to help raise funds to support LVSF programs in our community! Registration is free.