International Literacy Day was September 8th

International Literacy Day reminds us that literacy is a “matter of dignity and human rights” that is vital for the kind of just societies people hope and strive for.

At least 763 million children and adults lacked basic literacy skills in 2020, and kids who could not read and understand a simple text increased from 57% in 2019 to 70% in 2022, so the problem is actually worsening around the world.


September 18th-23rd is COABE’s (Coalition on Adult Basic Education) Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, which extends International Literacy Day to raise awareness about the importance of and very high need for Adult Education nationwide. It’s a week to spread the word about what we do and why it’s so vital for the success of both individuals and communities. There are many opportunities to advocate for Adult Education! How about choosing one of the options below?

  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Share one of these already-created posts on social media
  • Write an email to or call your state representatives
  • Go to an Education Committee meeting at the Roundhouse
  • Talk to a neighbor about literacy
  • Talk to a friend about tutoring
  • Watch a video about the “Educate and Elevate” initiative
  • Help someone complete a literacy task
  • Share some research or drop some fact sheet flyers around town
  • Become a tutor: Contact us for information about upcoming tutor trainings at the end of September and early October!

Thank you for your support.