Inspirational Success Begins with our Ability to Respond

The pandemic has made it challenging but vitally important to keep our programs available:

  1. Key funding resources have had to make significant cuts to our grants;
  2. Many of the venues where we tutor are shut; and
  3. While some of our tutors and students have continued to meet virtually during the pandemic, many students lack the equipment to participate in virtual sessions. We’ve purchased and distributed tablets to get our students online, but there is still more demand than we can supply.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how important it is for literacy. Our non-profit sees the issues daily.

April’s Story

We want to share with you the story of one of our dedicated and determined students, April, who has managed to continue her studies despite her extreme life challenges, made even more complicated by the pandemic. It’s a good example of how determined our students are, and how much they need our – and your – help.Since last fall, LVSF has partnered with the Santa Fe County Adult Detention Facility (SFCADF). Our coordinator for the program and an inmate, April, who was ready for re-entry into the community recognized each other at the site. They had already worked together through LVSF.

When April was released, she reenrolled in our Basic Literacy tutoring program. April aspires to obtain her high school diploma through SFCC’s Adult Education program but requires some remedial work to meet entry requirements.

The LVSF coordinator and SFCADF instructor met with April to guide her in her efforts to secure food, housing, and employment. Despite living in her car and other life challenges, she didn’t give up and kept in touch with the LVSF coordinator on a regular basis, picking up books to improve her reading skills. She spent her days making calls, filling out job applications, and studying. April was still living in her car when she was eventually hired as a supermarket stocker. She worked hard and has been promoted to a stocking supervisor.

April is grateful for her new opportunities and continues her studies with LVSF to improve her reading skills. She still needs to advance two grade levels in reading fluency and comprehension and gain confidence in her test-taking abilities, but she has amply demonstrated her grit and determination to do so.

April is just one of our students – and each of them has challenges to face in pursuit of their goals and dreams. Demand for all our services is increasing. You can help our students succeed by donating to LVSF. Your support will make a critical difference for our students and our community. Can you help us before 2020 year end?